Published:     10:00 AM PST April 13, 2020

"Hi, we are the Joneses; tv producers, hosts, authors, outreach leaders, motivational speakers, childhood cancer advocates, and founders of Hungry Fish Media! Our whole world was turned upside down in 2017 when our daughter, Hunter Rose Jones (7), was diagnosed with stage four high risk neuroblastoma cancer. After 2 surgeries, 5 rounds of chemo, 12 radiation treatments, 2 stem cell transplants, 5 immunotherapy treatments, and a year long cancer vaccine trial, Hunter Rose has completed her therapy and shows no evidence of disease.  ​

Jay & Kara Jones live in Everett, WA (25 miles north of Seattle), have been married 11 years, and have two kids, Reeder Hix (9) and Hunter Rose (7). They consider themselves blessed, always blessed. Even in their darkest of times (daughter's stage four cancer), they held tight to their belief that God is good all of the time, and not just when everything is going their way. This belief, hands down, is what got them through Hunter Rose's two plus years of aggressive treatment at Seattle Children's and Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York from 2017-2020.


Flashback to the Summer of 2017 and the Joneses were on top of the world; they were in the middle of production on their very own national reality TV series for UplifTV called, "The Experience". Jay is a reality TV producer with credits on popular shows such as Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, Ice Road Truckers, and Hoarders. Jay and Kara were finally making their hosting debut, stepping out in front of the camera, for "The Experience". This was a very exciting time and buzz was beginning to grow about their new series. "The Experience" takes people who are struggling with life out into the Pacific Northwest mountains for a weekend of reviving, rebuilding, and reconnecting with God's plan for their life. Little did the Joneses know soon they would be the ones who needed the help. 

On September 22, 2017 Hunter Rose was diagnosed with stage four high risk neuroblastoma; a rare cancer affecting roughly 500 kids a year. Production of Jay & Kara's show had to be put on hold while Hunter went through her treatment. Although so many amazing friends, family, organizations, the Jones' church, and even strangers assisted them through it all, It was still the most challenging time of their lives. Jay, "It's easy to trust God when things are going the way you believe they should, but trusting God when it doesn't make sense is a whole other story". However, they remained strong in their faith, and Hunter Rose was finally declared cancer free in February of 2018. 

In addition to their Hungry Fish Media productions, the Joneses will soon be launching a non-profit to assist families experiencing childhood cancer and helping researchers find a cure for neuroblastoma. Kara, "So many people and organizations helped us along the way that we are inspired to give back as well."