Princess Rosie's Kingdom is a new youtube series (launching this Fall) starring Rosie and her friends. After recently beating high risk stage four cancer, Rosie (7) is living a fairytale life in her kingdom and new series. Princess Rosie's bravery encourages boldness and inspires kids to celebrate what makes them unique. From reviewing toys, solving fun mysteries, and competing in entertaining games and challenges, to make-up tutorials, skits, and other fun stuff, Princess Rosie and friends are ready to share their kingdom and adventures. 



Rosie's Friends (supporting characters)
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Reeder Hix Jones, 9 years old
Rosie's brother
Willow Grace Cannon, 2 1/2
Wesley's sister & Rosie's cousin
Wesley Owen Cannon, 6
Willow's brother & Rosie's cousin

Rosie loves making fun videos and after recently finishing her stage four cancer treatments, she is finally ready to launch her very own YouTube Channel. Hunter Rose followed many Youtubers during her treatment as a way to help take her mind off of what she was going through. And now that she is all finished with treatment she is excited to launch her very own channel with the hopes of being that same distraction for other kids. Look out Hobby Kids TV, Ryan, and Diana.. Here comes Princess Rosie!  


We are currently seeking sponsors (partners) and collaborators. By coming alongside Rosie, your brand will be associated with a little girl who is making the best of her life while entertaining and inspiring many. There are countless creative opportunities to include brands into Princess Rosie's Kingdom. If you believe your product or service could add value to Princess Rosie's Kingdom and forthcoming viewers, please get in contact with us, as we would love to share all the wonderful things Rosie is doing.



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