FLOAT is based on several family's real life experience with childhood cancer, including Hungry Fish Founder's Jay & Kara Jones' daughter, Hunter Rose.

"While over 80% of children with CANCER will be cured of their disease, many people are unaware of the physical and psychological toll a cancer diagnosis and treatment takes on the ENTIRE FAMILY unit. FLOAT offers a unique perspective on these challenges, inspired by the creative tea's real-life battles with childhood cancer."

Dr. Navin Pinto, Seattle Children's Hospital

Hematology - Oncology Specialist

"I know several FAMILIES who went through divorce because of their child being sick. It really does impact the entire family. I am excited to see FLOAT on the big screen."

Lynsie Mae Conradi

Seattle Children's 1st Immunotherapy Patient

"I personally BELIEVE a film like FLOAT would be huge to showcase the REALITIES that some families face."

Mackenzi Brown, Wish Grantor

Make-A-Wish Foundation


A married couple takes their three kids on a summer camping trip to the Wenatchee River in the Pacific Northwest to help break the news they’re getting a divorce. 


Ryan and Julia Winters recently separated over the stress and anxiety of their youngest daughter’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. Over the last two years their eight-year old daughter, Brynn Winters, has been in treatment for stage four high risk neuroblastoma at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Although Brynn is now finished with treatment and currently in remission, the treatment took a devastating toll on each member of the family, especially the marriage. While Julia had total faith throughout treatment Brynn would be healed, Ryan lost his faith, became bitter and bottled up all his emotions, which caused them to drift apart.


It’s now been one year since Brynn has finished treatment and Ryan is still super paranoid the cancer is going to come back, which causes him to over react about every little thing. The complete opposite, Julia sees how good Brynn is doing and is ready to move forward with the rest of their lives. The completely different mindsets cause resentment and tension in their relationship, which recently led them to separate. They have played out the separation card with their kids for the last six weeks with the excuse that Ryan has been on an extended work trip. They have decided divorce is the only option and plan on telling the kids at the end of the camping trip.


Over the course of the weekend and through several ah ha moments, Ryan's faith is restored and their marriage saved.

Float is currently in development at Hungry Fish

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