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FLOAT is based on several family's real life experience with childhood cancer, including Hungry Fish Founder's Jay & Kara Jones' daughter, Hunter Rose.

"While over 80% of children with CANCER will be cured of their disease, many people are unaware of the physical and psychological toll a cancer diagnosis and treatment takes on the ENTIRE FAMILY unit. FLOAT offers a unique perspective on these challenges, inspired by the creative tea's real-life battles with childhood cancer."

Dr. Navin Pinto, Seattle Children's Hospital

Hematology - Oncology Specialist

"I know several FAMILIES who went through divorce because of their child being sick. It really does impact the entire family. I am excited to see FLOAT on the big screen."

Lynsie Mae Conradi

Seattle Children's 1st Immunotherapy Patient

"I personally BELIEVE a film like FLOAT would be huge to showcase the REALITIES that some families face."

Mackenzi Brown, Wish Grantor

Make-A-Wish Foundation