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Production Title: Building Bridges

Production Type: Commercial/Teaser

Project Length: 2 minutes

Project Format: 16:9 HD

Posted on: September 25, 2023

Production Location: Greater Seattle Area

Production Company: Hungry Fish Media

Company Website:

Producer/Director: Jay Hix Jones & Josh Estes

Audition Location: Online via Google Meets


Compensation: Credit and an opportunity to work with award-winning producer/director Jay Hix Jones who produces the A&E hit series, "Hoarders".


Key Dates

Auditions: September 24 - October 3rd

Shooting Date: Sunday, October 15, 2023



The Building Bridges commercial/teaser is a visual narrative introducing a broader movement and call to action centered on fostering open dialogue and understanding amidst political and societal discord. This 2-minute piece showcases the journey of two friends as they navigate through a protest, symbolizing the transition from rigid to open discourse, underlined by voice over narration and an original score.


Character Bios:

 Lead: Male, age 18-25. An earnest young man who initially finds himself swayed by external influences but as he navigates through the narrative, begins to understand the essence of independent thinking and respectful dialogue.


Lead Mom: Female, age 30-40.


Lead Dad: Male, age 30-40.


Lead Teen: Male, age 13-15.


Lead Boy: Male, age 8-10.


Supporting: Male, age 18-25. A passionate advocate for social change, who, along with his friend, embarks on a journey from rigid viewpoints to a path of open discourse and mutual understanding.


Supporting Teen: Male, age 13-15.


EXTRAS: We casting extras for two major scenes:

1. Ages 13-16: School yard scene with the lead character

2. Ages 18-30: Street Protest scene with the lead character



We are seeking young, expressive actors with strong physical acting skills, capable of conveying emotions and character arcs without dialogue. 


Submission Instructions:

Please send your headshot and resume to Be sure to include your contact information. If selected for an audition, you will be contacted with further details.

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